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Support Coordination Service

At Indisability Services, we understand that navigating the NDIS journey and accessing the support you need can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to offer our dedicated Support Coordination service, designed to guide you through every step of your NDIS journey. 

Navigate your NDIS Plan Seamlessly

We are committed to helping you make the most of your NDIS plan and connecting you with the right services and support to achieve your goals. With our Support Coordination service, you can expect personalized assistance in coordinating and organizing your supports, navigating the NDIS landscape, and building a network of providers and community resources. We are here to empower you to make informed decisions, advocate for your rights, and seize opportunities for growth and development.

Discover the Holistic Services of Our Support Coordination Program

At Indisability Services, we provide participants with a holistic support coordination plan that covers all aspects of their well-being and life improvement. These services include:

  • Plan Implementation: Assisting participants in implementing their NDIS plans and connecting with service providers.
  • Provider Connection: Helping participants find suitable service providers aligned with their needs and goals.
  • Capacity Building: Empowering participants to manage their support independently and make informed decisions.
  • Support Category Understanding: Providing clarity on support categories and funding options within the NDIS.
  • Coordination and Monitoring: Coordinating and monitoring supports to ensure they align with participants’ plans and deliver expected outcomes.
  • Advocacy and Empowerment: Acting as advocates for participants, ensuring their voices are heard and supporting them in navigating challenges.


Guiding Your Journey with Compassion and Care

Our team of compassionate staff members are the heart of our Support Coordination service. They are there every step of the way, offering a helping hand, a compassionate ear, and a reliable source of information and advice. They possess a deep understanding of the diverse challenges participants may face. Therefore, they work tirelessly to ensure that participants receive the support they need to navigate the complexities of the system and access the services and resources that align with their goals and aspirations. 

Why Choose Our Support Coordination Service?

Our deep-rooted connections within the disability sector enable us to provide participants with access to a wide network of service providers, community resources, and support options. This enables our participants to have a diverse range of opportunities for their support needs.

Our experienced support coordinators act as a bridge, streamlining the coordination of services, appointments, and resources. We take the stress out of the process by handling administrative tasks, coordinating with service providers, and ensuring a seamless flow of support.

Our Support Coordination service is not just a one-time interaction but an ongoing commitment to support participants throughout their NDIS journey. We are there to provide guidance, reassurance, and assistance whenever needed, ensuring a consistent and reliable source of support.

Give Your Loved Ones the Quality Care You Can Trust

Highest quality care and assistance

As an NDIS registered provider, our services adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. By choosing Indisability Services as your provider, you gain access to our expertise, collaborative approach, and commitment to empowering your independence. So reach out to us today and let us support you on your NDIS journey.